Things Falls Apart, As Daggers Are Finally Drawn.


By James Okeyo

Speaking in parables without mentioning names, is like the politicians tools needed to later say “I was misquoted” and the truth is hidden forever. Deputy President William Ruto, is the second in command and if the people he never mentioned in a video circulating are trying to cover up KEMSA and all are below him, then he should be bold enough to mention their names but if it’s directed at the President, then it’s a direct confrontation in bad taste.

People are known by names and if we can be told who the people William Ruto is talking about, Kenyans may be able to follow the story as it unfolds. The people he was addressing, maybe could understand him but when we are far like in the diaspora where rumours arrive after going through many whatsapp group initiation processes, we are completely in the dark to understand whats going on in our country Kenya.

This is just the beginning and as 2022 gets closer, we are likely to witness the worst elections ever where manifestos will nowhere feature at all but simply, unearthing each other to let people know things they have never heard before.

We are now in a phase where the two leaders are ducking each other and not working directly as a team to continue what is left or what is currently going on as the Deputy role, has already been taken by other people.

The constitution definitely need to be changed to give the President powers to sack his Deputy like it was before as the way it is now, makes thing look like two Presidents are working parallel to each other. That way the country cannot develop at all as it will only amount to witch hunting and politics of intimidation and blames.

If one feels that the responsibility given when the two teamed together under Jubilee, are no longer tenable, then its only fair for the two leaders to go separate ways. That way, one can join the opposition to keep the Government on its toes.

The Deputy has a majority followers but when he now start downplaying the work the President is doing, that is the epicenter of concern to the entire nation. Things are not right in Kenya as the two leaders who are supposed to work together, are no longer working as per their manifesto and Kenyans will suffer due to the stalemate.

It may be harsh to the Deputy President, but if his conscience tells him that the KEMSA investigation are not going on right as expected, that in itself is a good excuse for him to tender his resignation if he has principles. That alone in itself, can be a big bargaining power when it comes to 2022, but if he stays on and continue watching, then he will be part of the system which many Kenyans want to vote out in 2022.

The Deputy President has now drawn his dagger just like Uhuru did not long ago and just like Rome was not safe, Kenya too is not safe as the stalemate can lead to civil unrest through loose talks by leaders opposed to President Uhuru.

Kenyans in the meantime, will only be watching a game of outwitting each other and the original song for Ruto’s hopes for an easy entry to the house at the hill, is slowly getting out of tune. The easy handing over of the baton may not be that easy and William, has to fight his battles alone. He is now left with three options, one, to either resign and start laying 2022 strategy ….two,.. remain as a radical and fight it out as if he was in the opposition, and lastly… to tow the line without deviating and only wish “thy kingdom come”.


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