Martha Njoka’s Message To President Uhuru And Hon. Raila Telling Them To Be Honest To Kenyans Is In itself Doublespeak.


The continuous calls by Martha as latest as yesterday, telling President Uhuru, and Raila to be honest without being specific, is doublespeak and acting in a deceptive irresponsible manner. I called her Martha Njoka on purpose as when all knew her by those names, she was the real person who was serious and determine on liberating Kenya from the ills of dictatorship.

Many may recall the three young women who gave Moi a real hard time by exposing his inborn dictatorial tendencies and were always on the news and they were none other than Martha Njoka, Martha Koome and Beatrice Nduta.

Those days, she was a fighter for the second liberation to repeal the notorious section 2A that needed to be removed to make Kenya a multiparty form of Government.

The same succeeded, and all Kenyans were happy that at least they would have honest people that would keep the Government always on alert while making sure things were done in the right way.

Martha was all good but many Kenyans, started doubting her seriousness to democracy and the rule of law, during the near physical fight at the KICC tallying center, when all were waiting for the late Kivuitu to announce the elections.

She defended strongly a fraud election that had no clear winner as all knew very well that Kibaki had not won fairly that election which immediately led to the deaths of many Kenyans in the rift valley and elsewhere in the country. Thus impunity kicked in with full force. The US Government, had however, declared the same as the wishes of the people for they had more faith in Kibaki than Raila, who has always been considered as a staunch Karl Max disciple.

Those are the people now in the forefront talking about how corrupt President Uhuru and Hon Raila are and telling all that the duo, should be honest to Kenyans, but were they clean when they were in power for there are many shortfalls on how they conducted themselves.

Stealing an election is worse than the corruption going on for that in itself is to deny Kenyans their constitutional rights to elect leaders of their choice. When KEMSA corruption take place, maybe a mother in Wareng county will not even know about it, but when a vote is stolen, it affects that mother. Money can always be recovered but a stolen vote once those selected are in Government, can never be recovered.

Was she fair to that mother from Sugoi who woke up at five in the morning to cast her vote and only to later be told that someone other than her choice won?.

Was she fair to that old man that fainted at Kibera after hearing that Raila had lost?

Was she fair to those that lost their loved ones during the chaos that erupted soon after? It can go on and on and in the end, you will see the damage caused by stealing an election.

Therefore Martha wronged Kenyans by not being honest and she should be the last politician to lecture President Uhuru and hon Raila in particular whom he denied his chances of ever leading Kenya.

She should now toe the line and go by the wishes of the people of Central province and especially her County Kirinyaga for if she does not, and the fact that she is now approaching or has attained the age of civil servants retirement, she can as well kiss politics “goodbye”

Kenyans need people with principals so that their welfare will come first before they start thinking of how to steal from the Government.

The KEMSA fraud should not be politicized or solved by media but the same should be carried out by professional auditors, who will come up with a comprehensive report on the same.

Those giving fallacious figures in public, should stop immediately and if they have anything to show, to call the DCI line for appointment to give their side of the story.

All Presidents in the world have families that do business irrespective of the fact that their father, or cousin, is the President for they too have families to feed and are not on Government payrolls.

If Uhuru relatives did legitimate business, the audit report will tell and if they did not, they will face the music as per his strong words at Sagana lodge that implied not to spare anyone relatives included.

Martha Karua for that is what she is today, should choose her words carefully while appearing in those talk shows as the same, may open a can of worms, that will start biting her and spoil her chances of being a leader anymore when the 2022 elections, are finally announced.

Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National assembly for 254


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