There Is No Dynasty In Kenya Says James Mburu Of DNA UK Assembly


Most Kenyans misuse the word “dynasty” to refer to Kenyattas, Mois, and Odingas. The real meaning of dynasty is where a country’s reign passes by automatic inheritance from one family lineage, and thus no electors are held. Such is not the situation in Kenya. The fact of a relative of a leader acceding to power -like Uhuru did and Odinga wishes-does not fit the description of dynasty. It is called “name recognition” not dynasty.  It happens in other democracies eg America, where the people dynasty is avidly anathematic. Such people are only lucky to find themselves with a recognized name, and they have a right as individual citizens to vie for leadership. So people should drop this false description of dynasty.

On the other hand, dynasties themselves are not the devil that people portend it to be. They ensure guaranteed stability and lack of political violence which is essentially caused by adversarial political contests every few years. And even with a dynasty, there are technocrats possessing the necessity variety of skills to run a country, so everything is not left to the ruling family. The President of Ghana recently alluded to the desirability of a strategy to avoid constant elections to reduce the cycle of violence and stagnation or regression of economic growth. It would also alleviate tribalism.

But perhaps the best fit would be a middle ground situation between dynasties and serial and violent-causing democracies: a merry go round or agreed rotational system. In such a system, the tribal representatives would be elected to form a presidential/ruler group, where each person in the group(or their successors in case of death) rules for the agreed period of time, after which the next person automatically assumes power.

This would go on until the whole group has rotated and then new elections would be held to elect another group of leaders. This would mean that elections are held very rarely, perhaps once in 25-50 years, which would eradicate the political violence and tribal animosities caused by too frequent elections.

Hon James Mburu

Diaspora National assembly For 254


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